Insurance Job Interview Advice – Ten Foolproof Tips for Getting Insurance Jobs

Insurance job interviews are never easy. It’s difficult to make a good impression & even harder to impress your interviewer. We’ve come up with ten top tips to help you get the insurance job you’d been hoping for.

1. Learn About the Company – you can never be over-prepared for a job interview. Spend some time browsing the insurance company’s website. Learn about their products & services as well as their competitors. It will make you seem much more knowledgeable and show that you are taking the interview seriously.

2. Think About The Questions – No matter how the interview is conducted there are a number of questions that you are likely to be asked. “Tell us about your experience?” or “What attracted you to apply for the job?” while the wording might change what they are to trying to find out will not. You don’t need to script a response that will sound artificial. Though for questions you are likely to be asked, think in advance about how you will answer.

3. Look at your CV – It’s easy to forget what you’ve put in your CV or covering letter. It’s likely all your interviewer will know about you is contained in those documents, so it’s likely to prompt a number of their questions. Refresh yourself with their content in advance so you’re primed for the questions.

4. Dress Appropriately – It’s not always sensible to wear a suit to a job interview but it is important to dress approriately smart. Try and find out about the dress code of the company and then dress a little smarter. It’s important to make a good first impression but you have to be comfortable.

5. Answer Concisely – There’s one thing worse than a bad answer in a job interview. A long answer. Try to answer the question with out getting carried away in the detail. It’s important not to seem abrupt but it important not to get carried away with your answers either. It makes you seem unsure of your answer & can waste valuable interview time when you could be impressing your potential employer.

6. Use Good Body Language – Shrugging & using “closed” body language can ruin a perfectly good interview. Try your best to be relaxed & open. Use your hands expressively & think about mirroring the body language of your interviewer.

7. Ask Questions – try and prepare some questions for your interview. It can make you seem interested in the role & shows you are keen on the job. However don’t ask obvious questions or those which could be easily answered if you had done some prior research.

8. Be On Time – People get delayed all the time so leave some extra leeway in your travelling time. If you turn up late you are fighting a battle to impress your potential bosses so much they forget about your poor punctuality.

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